Securely Share Without Sharing

Share your online accounts without sharing your passwords.

3 Steps Solution for Secured Sharing

Browse Platform URL
Browse the URL of the platform you want to share and login-in to your account.
Personalize Sharing Settings
Disable any part of the platform you don’t want the other party to have access to.
Share Account
Share your account with the second party, knowing you have retained control and can monitor the shared access.

What is AccessOff

Safely share online accounts without giving away passwords. Our desktop app lets you delegate tasks, control what you share, and set time limits for added security and flexibility in your online collaborations.

Why AccessOff

We are rewriting the rules of online collaboration. With our innovative desktop application, sharing online accounts has never been safer or more seamless. Say goodbye to the headaches of sharing credentials and password managers in sharing accounts. Our platform offers unmatched security and convenience, empowering teams to work together without compromise.
Fatima Hallab

Loved how safe and seamless AccessOff application is. I couldn't believe it until I tried it myself. Whoever wants to share their online accounts - if you are an influencer, as myself, or business owner and wants to have a safe online collaboration - AccessOff is the safe place to go.

Kazem Fayyad

AccessOff’s saved my time! It eliminates the need to share sensitive credentials by facilitating secure account sharing with third parties. Now I can delegate my work to anyone with peace of mind. As both an influencer and someone who relies on online collaboration, I highly recommend giving AccessOff a try.

Beyond Food

Managing my social media accounts used to be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. But since I started using AccessOff, my life has changed for the better. Delegating my account safely through AccessOff to a third party was a game changer. I can focus on creating delicious content for my followers without the constant worry.

Explorer Nico

I can't believe how much easier my life has become since I started using AccessOff! Managing my social media accounts used to be a huge headache. But now, I can handed to anyone SAFELY through AccessOff. I don’t have to stress about posting schedules or engagement anymore. I’m so much more relaxed and can finally enjoy creating content again.

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Joseph Homsi - CEO
CTO Senior Tech Lead with cyber security expertise
Abeer Ahdab - CTO